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"Experience of a lifetime! All the emails that promised an amazing time at booking came true! A great 3 days of amazing fish/coral, wondering people, a thoughtful crew & best yet, delicious food!"

Daniel, USA


Summertime Kayak Tours

The Whitsundays would have to be one of the world’s most ideal paddling playgrounds. The only vessel in the Whitsundays to offer a unique guided kayak adventure. A Summertime voyage promotes eco friendly exploration of the islands as you glide quietly into hidden inlets or secluded beaches. The odd turtle might escort you as you head towards the far reaches of a pristine inlet...Ancient trees and ferns slide by as a sea eagle soars magnificently overhead and as the crystal clear water shallows, all kinds of marine life can be spotted below.

Alternately, embarking on a longer blue water expedition from one cove to another with the Coral Sea stretching endlessly before you is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. There is so much wildlife to see and endless waterways to explore in the Whitsundays, many accessible only by shallow water craft. Our kayaks carry two people, are extremely easy to paddle, stable and very comfortable.

Kayaking is a great way to explore with minimal human impact. Our crew possess an intimate knowledge of the islands, their wildlife and ecology. As they guide you through this ancient marine wonderland, you not only enjoy a lot of fun and some amazing scenery but also gain valuable insights into the unique heritage of this amazing island chain.